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Initially, American Medical Capital operated under American Medical Enterprises, LLC where Sherman Lazrus was the Managing Member and later American Medical Capital LLC, where Archie Eggleton is the Managing Member.  Mr. Eggleton worked for Mr. Lazrus from August of 2008 until Mr. Lazrus unfortunately passed away in January 2017.

Mr. Eggleton first met Mr. Lazrus through a mutual friend while employed at Fifth Third Bank.  In March of 2008, Mr. Lazrus offered to purchase Fifth Third Banks’ entire REO portfolio which consisted of single family dwellings and multi-family dwellings of four units or less.  At Fifth Third Bank Mr. Eggleton was the point person on the negotiations between Mr. Ed Laurel at Fifth Third Bank in Cincinnati and Mr. Lazrus. Mr. Lazrus and Fifth Third were not able to agree a portfolio purchase price, but Fifth Third subsequently lowered the average price of the entire REO portfolio by over 10%. 

Again in 2008, the day after Fifth Third Bank reported its first quarter earnings, Mr. Lazrus contacted Mr. Eggleton to offer Fifth Third Bank a 10-figure loan at floating 30-day LIBOR, collateralized by a Direct Pay Letter of Credit, which is recorded only as a contingent liability when issued by the bank.  The controller at Fifth Third Bank Western Michigan and Fifth Third Treasury in Cincinnati assigned Mr. Eggleton, an officer of the bank, to be the point person on negotiations between Fifth Third and Mr. Lazrus.  The outcome of the negotiations is confidential.  Subsequently, Mr. Lazrus offered Mr. Eggleton to come and work for him in July of 2008 and in August 2008 Mr. Eggleton accepted.

Mr. Lazrus was a former Assistant Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon and is also the father of Medicare and Medicaid.  He had operated AMC since 1997, but never had a website.  Mr. Lazrus was not for the idea but insisted that if Mr. Eggleton wanted a website that Mr. Eggleton must pay for it saying, “That (website) is newer.”  So, Mr. Eggleton paid all expenses for the website the next 10 years which was important as the next year, 2008 and 2009, Mr. Eggleton traveled around Europe and Asia meeting with banks and governments to arrange financing during the great recession.  By 2010, Mr. Lazrus agreed to compensate Mr. Eggleton equally to him, on business transactions.   Because of the website, American Medical Capital is now conducting business internationally and in the 4th quarter of 2017 alone, arranged over $160 million U.S.D. in international financing.  

Archie Eggleton
Mr. Eggleton started American Medical Capital LLC as a separate entity in 2017 and is also an Advisor to the Board of a publically traded company.  Prior to that, he operated the business, along with Sherman Lazrus who was President and Chief Executive Officer, under the umbrella of American Medical Enterprises, until Mr. Lazrus passed away in 2017.  Mr. Eggleton initially began working for Mr. Lazrus in August of 2008 as an Investment Banker – Commercial Lender; later for Mr. Lazrus as Chief Operating Officer.  Prior to American Medical Capital, Mr. Eggleton most recently was the Assistant Vice President at Fifth Third Bank, in the Merchant-Commercial Division.  Mr. Eggleton brings 20 years of banking and finance experience including Fifth Third Bancorp, Old Kent Bank and five years as a Senior Business Consultant for a division of KKR & Co. L.P., an American multinational private equity firm.  In addition, Mr. Eggleton currently serves as Executive Vice President at Bridgestone Development Company and is still involved in international commercial real estate development, including hospitality through 2017.

Prior to his twenty years in the finance industry, Mr. Eggleton was a State Representative for The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press under a joint operating agreement between Gannett Corporation and Knight Ridder, Inc.  Mr. Eggleton was responsible for overseeing about 70 personnel where he served eight years in management for both newspapers under the Detroit Newspaper Partnership as a Regional Manager and 7 years as a State Representative in Ann Arbor, Lansing and Grand Rapids, MI.

Mr. Eggleton has lived in Michigan all his life and received his degree in Business Administration at Davenport University.  He has served on several committees (finance, media and hospitality) for over five years with the Senior PGA tour.