Life Settlements - Portfolio Acquisition


Since the 1950s, the late Sherman Lazrus,former- President and CEO of American Medical Capitalunder the umbrella of his American Medical Enterprises company, was involved in many facets of the medical industry.  Until is passing in 2017, he served on the board of 4 publicly, traded medical companies.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Lazrus became well-known as the “father of Medicare and Medicaid”.  At the U.S. Pentagon, he was the senior U.S. health official as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, under Donald Rumsfeld.  In this role, Mr. Lazrus oversaw the worldwide healthcare program for the entire U.S. Military.  As a civilian, Mr. Lazrus was the Vice President of one of the largest medical corporations in the United States and later formed American Medical Enterprises - which syndicated construction financing for numerous hospitals around the U.S.  Over the years, American Medical Capital branched out into other areas including life settlement portfolio acquisitions.  For our investors, we simply customize portfolios for investors by assembling policies directly from various owners - based upon the appetites of our clients.  Thereby, these are portfolios never seen before.  Having worked with Mr. Lazrus for many years, Mr. Archie Eggleton, Chief Operating Officer of American Medical Capital LLC today, can guide you through several steps conducive to acquiring your portfolio:


The Acquisition Process:

  1. First, please provide us with the size of the portfolio you want to acquire. For example, $100 million face amount.  In addition, the average life expectancy (i.e., 5 years, 7 years, 10 years); targeted price range (i.e., 25% - 35% of face amount).  A lower portfolio average life expectancy will be more expensive than a longer average life expectancy.
  2. We only sell directly to buyers.  The next step is to provide verification of funds.  Once funds are verified, the portfolio is assembled.  Once assembled, the funds are moved into a bi-party attorney escrow account.  Afterwards, all of the illustrations, contracts and other applicable documentation will be provided.
  3. You will have the option to accept some or all of the policies in the portfolio as you review the illustrations, the two life expectancies on each policy, etc...
  4. Contracts are provided and executed for change of ownership.  Ownership change occurs at the carrier level.  The portfolio is funded from escrow.  Any remaining balance in escrow is returned to the investor when the last policy in the portfolio changes ownership.


For more information, please contact our main office at the number above or you may e-mail Mr.  Archie Eggleton at: