Bank Partnership Program

The 2008 tumult in market conditions affected CMBS/MBS markets; imploded and banks began to lose the ability to sell their loans to institutional investors - as a conduit to reload for future lending opportunities.  Furthermore, high default rates on both consumer and commercial loans further absorbed resources at financial institutions.  To that end, banks lost customers who pulled their deposits when the customer needed to go to another bank that was better able to provide them with the funding that they needed.  This is where American Medical Capital, through our Capital Division, can be a “go to” source to keep your customers and their deposits at your bank.

American Medical Capital will, in partnership, fund your new loans, balloon loans or refinance your existing portfolio at low interest rates to keep your customers happy and help you conserve cash on hand.  You benefit by charging a fee to your customer for a DPLC, while we arrange to fund your new loans.  The customer receives a great rate that can be interest-only or amortized – you decide.  In the meantime, the customer keeps their deposits at your bank as well as other services.  Moreover, the funds remain in your bank and the bank benefits while you are not required to pay interest on the funds.

Loans need to be at least $25mm however; we can go up to your banks maximum ability to issue a DPLC. 

Finally, as a professional courtesy, we do not charge your customers any upfront fees and any one-time processing fees are deducted at closing.  Please allow 2 – 4 weeks for closing.